Saturday, June 18, 2011

Casino War

I recently finished a road trip to California, likely the last road trip involving driving through West Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona I will ever do. We did, however, stop in Las Vegas where I made the monumental mistake of booking a room in a hotel off the strip. Redemption came in trying out a well-reviewed tapas restaurant in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino next door to City Center.

After dinner I walked through the casino floor and stop to watch some inebriated people do their best to lose money playing War. Yes, that's right, can you bet on the game you used to play as a 5 year old when it was raining outside and your evil parents wouldn't let watch TV. Considering the odds, it's an even worse game to play than roulette.

Speaking of roulette, being in Vegas reminded me of one of my favorite human interest stories, Ashley Revell, who bet his life savings on a single spin of the wheel and won $135K in 2004.

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